c(Re)ative Colour Gel

c(Re)ative Colour Gel is a colour in a liquid-gel texture, without ammonia, argan oil-based, which is mixed with Base & Mix Cream activators. It provides a delicate mix that respects the scalp and the hair structure, and allows a total covering for white hair and splendid, clear and shiny highlights. In Remember, we believe in colourists’ artistic ability; along with our c(Re)ative Colour Gel, they would fulfil their customers’ expectations.

c(RE)eative Colour Gel / ammonia f(Re) + Argán oil

Unlike traditional cream textures, we offer a gelatin texture that is much easier to distribute and with more energy to effectively deposit color, delicate and with an argan oil scent, this makes it a real pleasure for the senses.

Its advanced formulation and thanks to argan oil promotes the penetration of pigments and acts in synergy with the intelligent activator.

This unique and innovative system allows us to customize the necessary intensity according to the mixture of Base c(Re)am Activator and Mix c(Re)am Activator. We produce less packaging, customize formulas and make them more c(Re)ative, (Re)Paint the world with Remember.

Regardless of whether we are ammonia-free, we offer 100% coverage on white hair and spectacular reflections full of intensity, like life itself, providing hydration and softness

Characteristics of Remember c(Re)ative Colour

Remember the c(Re)ative Colour has the ability to completely color the hair. During

the treatment time, the color pigments penetrate inside the hair.

In the hair cortex, our c (Re) am activator has the fundamental role of oxidizing and lightening the natural pigments it contains (in a simpler way and to eliminate them), allowing the substitute coloring pigments to be develop and become fixed over the long term.

This way there is a definite change in the color of the hair which cannot be removed in subsequent washes. The new pigment molecules thus formed must be distribu- ted uniformly and finely over the hair.

The characteristic reflection of the hair is obtained thanks to the interaction of oxidi- zing substances and natural pigments subjected to rinsing. The Remember Sham- poo formulation and Remember Herbal Treat Mask make them ideal to use after coloring, helping to close the cuticle.


1. Mix 50 ml of dye + 50 ml according to the c (Re) am activator mixing table in a bowl according to the work to be done.

2. Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Only in case of very dirty hair or with product residue, shampoo lightly.

3. Divide the hair into four sections.

4. Start the application from the area with the greatest presence of gray hair. Yes there are no visible differences, start with the back of the neck.

5. Apply with a brush strand by strand

6. Leave on for 30/40 minute

7. At the end, rinse well and wash with the shampoo indicated in each case


Calculate youir Remember formula!

Knowing that every customer is unique, each formula to make his/her hair look wonderful is unique as well. Remember wants to make things easier for you with our formula calculator. Paint the world with any colour you want!

Click here

Color Mask

Specially designed to correct, intensify or maintain Remember c(R)eative Colour or others. With a combination of oils and pigments that, together with a slight acidity, will facilitate the penetration of the shades without damaging the hair.

benefits and propierties

Remember Ecosostenible Colour Mask provide the colorist with the possibility of achieving any highlight desired by the client with the utmost respect for the hair


application tips

Apply it to slightly damp hair with a delicate massage, leaving it for 10 minutes for optimal penetration. Rinse it abundantly.

Remember Bleach textu(Re)

Vegan Rhassoul Clay

With the latest technology, we have managed to bleach hair up to 9 shades, and make white clay, pectin and chamomile extract provide us, also, a healthy hair. We love light!

• You will love the texture of the white clay and the rhassoul.
• It will protect your hair thanks to a plant substance called pectin
• Chamomile extract will give your hair an unmatched shine.
• Shea butter will hydrate the hair fibers.

Free Hands

Remember Ecosostenible Free Hands revolutionizes the bleaching technique. It adapts to all types of oxidants and hair, while allowing to lighten up 7 shades. To get a wonderful organic balayage! In addition, it does not need foil and allows to work with the hands. Committed to our eco-sustainable philosophy, in Remember we serve the Free Hands in a reusable glass pot.

Technical jelly

The technical jelly is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, which is a hair reconstructor and repairer. It allows to equalize the roots, eliminate color overloads, lighten hair color up to 4 shades, provide natural shine and can be combined with vegetal coloring to achieve a wide variety of new highlights.


Herbal Color

Vegetal colouring

The organical colour meaning

Although it is true that satisfying the wish of having a flattering haircut that hides signs of aging (as, for example, white or grey hair) is the main purpose for hairdressing professionals, it is also true that concerning about hair needs and watching over its health has been increasing lately. That is why all initiatives that eliminate and move away toxins from hair products are very welcome from hairdressing professionals, stylists and the customers.

Remember colouring does not have any harmful substance and reduces to the maximum added pigments. It avoids:

  • The classic agressive dyes.
  • Hair aggression that may increase its porosity.
  • Petroleum by-products.
  • Silicone usage.
  • Symptoms as stinging and itching.
  • It is also not tested on animals.


What are its benefits?

Remember works in body's favour without giving up on aesthetics, fashion and beauty we yearn for. The continuous usage of our products provides the following benefits:

  • Healthier looks for your hair, with its natural shine. Your customers will feel again the pleasant feeling of youth and vigour on their hair. Their long hair will have a healthy appearance, keeping its natural volume.
  • Natural hair treatment. Our Herbal contain ayurvedic plants, flowers and fruits which, apart from stabilizing the colouring mixes, improve hair's health. Using plants specially selected for this purpose allows us to treat skin diseases, such as psoriasis, peeling and itching, among others, and also stimulate hair growth. In conclusion, these plants have calming, antihistamine and antibacterial attributes.
  • Caring for environment. By using our products, we do not contaminate environment because there are no disposable dye chemicals when washing the hair.

The origins

It consists of Natural Henna and Neutral. With the rst, we get those characteristic copper tones, in addition to reinforcing the color and achieving a longer duration applied to other previous works. With the second one, which is colorless, we provide additional texture and shine to the mid-lenghts and ends.

The chart

Remember Ecosostenible colours are formed from the four main plants, with ayurvedic fruits and roots to intensify the colors. The vegetal coloring is respectful with the client's original hair color, therefore, the colors we show you are indicative.

It is the general gamma in which we fully interpret the colors of nature and make them available to the stylist, in order to personalize them for each client. We have no limits on coverage or color gamma; just understand Remember Herbal Colour & Treat System as freedom of creation.

Ayurdevic treatments and aromatheraphy

Our Mix Ayurvedic Remember is a combination of 4 plants, 4 flowers and 2 fruits that provides multiple benefits for the scalp. It allows treating problems such as hair loss, seborrhoea, dandru, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and even the lack of vitality of the hair.

Ayurvedic mix

Ayurvedic mix

Plants, fruits and flowers combination as a hair treatment. It is used to treat seborrhoea, dermatitis, dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis...

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