Remember Color System

The vegetal colouring of Remember Ecosostenible is the first product line that the brand put on the market. The professionals tend, more and more, to take care health hair while following fashion trends.

In the market, there are three types of coloration:

  • The chemical tincture, which –with continued use– produces unwanted effects on the hair cuticle and contaminates sewage.
  • Organic colouring, which avoids the most aggressive chemical components for hair, although you should always use oxidants or activators to open the cuticle.
  • Vegetal colouring, which mixes flowers, plants and fruits with water.

The continued use of Remember Ecosostenible colouring has the following benefits:

  • Hair with healthier apparence, vital, with natural shine and volume. In addition, Remember products increase the thickness of the finest hair.
  • It is a natural hair treatment. Being based on plants, flowers and natural fruits, they improve the health of the hair and allow treating diseases such as psoriasis or peeling, among others, and stimulate their growth.
  • They are respectful with the environment, because they do not generate any chemical waste of any kind
  • All of it avoids the use of aggressive tincture, petroleum derived, silicones ... It also saves symptoms such as stinging or itching, while not being tested on animals.


Vegan Rhassoul Clay

With the latest technology, we have managed to bleach hair up to 9 shades, and make white clay, pectin and chamomile extract provide us, also, a healthy hair. We love light!

• You will love the texture of the white clay and the rhassoul.
• It will protect your hair thanks to a plant substance called pectin
• Chamomile extract will give your hair an unmatched shine.
• Shea butter will hydrate the hair fibers.

Our plants

The plant material used by Remember Ecosostenible is powder from fruits, plants and leaves from India, 100 km from the capital, New Delhi. They are, of course, free of mineral or metallic substances and can be combined with other colouring.

Ayurvedic mix

Ayurvedic mix

Plants, fruits and flowers combination as a hair treatment. It is used to treat seborrhoea, dermatitis, dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis...

<em>Reetha</em> & <em>shikakai</em>

Reetha & shikakai

Plants that are used for cleaning and purifying the hair.



Neutral henna does not provide hair color, but light. Mixed with amla, it serves to treat brightness and reconstruction. It also serves to dilute or reduce the color tone.



Plant that neutralizes reddish tones to get darker tones.



Ayurvedic antioxidant plant that facilitates the pigments release. It is usually used with Natural, to release the pigment; or Neutral, to recover the brightness.



Also called henna, Lawsonia inermis is the most important plant, it is the one that really brings colour, the typical coppery tone. It will be the base of the herbal we will see next.


The Chart

Remember Ecosostenible colours are formed from the four main plants, with ayurvedic fruits and roots to intensify the colors. The vegetal coloring is respectful with the client's original hair color, therefore, the colors we show you are indicative.

It is the general gamma in which we fully interpret the colors of nature and make them available to the stylist, in order to personalize them for each client. We have no limits on coverage or color gamma; just understand Remember Herbal Colour & Treat System as freedom of creation.

The origins

It consists of Natural Henna and Neutral. With the rst, we get those characteristic copper tones, in addition to reinforcing the color and achieving a longer duration applied to other previous works. With the second one, which is colorless, we provide additional texture and shine to the mid-lenghts and ends.

Ayurvedic treatments and aromatherapy

Our Mix Ayurvedic Remember is a combination of 4 plants, 4 flowers and 2 fruits that provides multiple benefits for the scalp. It allows treating problems such as hair loss, seborrhoea, dandru, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and even the lack of vitality of the hair.

Technical jelly

The technical jelly is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, which is a hair reconstructor and repairer. It allows to equalize the roots, eliminate color overloads, lighten hair color up to 4 shades, provide natural shine and can be combined with vegetal coloring to achieve a wide variety of new highlights.

Free Hands

Remember Ecosostenible Free Hands revolutionizes the bleaching technique. It adapts to all types of oxidants and hair, while allowing to lighten up 7 shades. To get a wonderful organic balayage! In addition, it does not need foil and allows to work with the hands. Committed to our eco-sustainable philosophy, in Remember we serve the Free Hands in a reusable glass pot.

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