Vegan (Re)tinol Treatment

Vegan (Re)tinol Treatment Remember is a revolutionary volume reducing and hair reconstruction system that eliminates frizz, leaving hair straight, healthy and shiny for up to four months. It is suitable for all types of hair. Vegan (Re)tinol Treatment Remmeber is a mix of essential oils (macadamia, Argania spinosa and Aloe vera) and acids that are activated by mixing Bakuchiol, the most effective natural antioxidant so far known.


Application method

Wash hair with p(Re)-Shampoo Remember (A) as needed (1 o 2 washes) and leave for 2 minutes. Dry 100%. Prepare a maximu of 40 ml of Vegan (Re9tinol (B) in a bowl and add a level tea spoon of Bakuchiol Miracle (C) and stir until well diluted.

If you need more mix, follow the proportion of 5% Bakuchiol. Make 6 partitions in a block, apply the product on each block, opening them to deposit the product on the inner layers and distribute it throughout the block with help of a comb and massaging. For a better smooth effect, create a microclimate by covering with transparent plastic. Once the product is applied, we have 4 options according to the client’s needs:

Anti Frizz & Easy Hairdryer option, does not need exposure time. Rinse once applied.

Natural Liss option, leave the product on for 15 minutes and rinse.

Liss option, leave the product on for 30 minutes and rinse.

Extrem Liss option, leave the product on for 45 minutes and rinse.

Once the hair has been superficially rinsed (after the indicated posing time according to the work chosen pints 1, 2, 3, 4), dry the rest of the product (even with blow-drying if we want the Extreme Liss effect). Make lineal partitions and pass the iron, adjusting the temperature according to the type of hair. Let cool and rinse. Dry or style according to customer preferences.


What are the differences between VTR and current keratin treatments?

Vegan Retinol Treatment, is the new generation of treatments intended to replace the '' keratin treatments, previously known’’ its Mix of essential oils and Bakuchiol, an ingredient never used in hairdressing, recently discovered, and considered one of the most effective natural antioxidants that acts on the damage that hair may have, either due to age or by chemical treatments.

Being able to choose between different services, maintain curl and remove frizz /natural liss/liss/ Extreme liss apart from nourishing / hydrating and recovering hair damaged by natural effects or chemical treatments.

For what type of hair is it indicated?

It is indicated for all types of hair, logically the more punished, the more we will note the result, can be applied on natural, coloured or highlighted hair, always following the mode of use indicated in each case and under the supervision of an authorized professional.

How often can I get it done?

Treatment benefits can last 3-6 months, this will depend on the maintenance and the type of hair, being able to be repeated in specific cases and evaluated by a professional, monthly if the hair needs it.

What maintenance do I need?

It is advisable for good maintenance to use Shampoos without SLS.

Can I wash the same day of treatment?

Once the service in the salon is finished, you can wash when you need it.

When do I get the colour done, before, after or on the same day?

We advise waiting a week between one treatment and another either before or after

Losing Color, VTR?

Due to its formulation, VTR makes some more vivid colors lose a tone, a color mask could be made the same day if the client wishes.

Why does VTR lose color in some cases?

VTR is a combination of acids, essential oils and Backuchiol. These acids that perform the reducing function of the product are those that cause the loss of a tone in some cases where the color is more vivid. There are some existing products on the market that do not clarify, but these may contain some non ‘’ authorized ’ingredients.

Can it be done in pregnant women or children under 12 years of age?

Even with our last generation treatment and that includes natural ingredients in its formulation, we cannot ignore that it is a chemical treatment and we do not advise doing it on pregnant women or minors just as we would not recommend any other type of chemical treatment, in life there is time for everything.

Can I use another application method with your product?

The efficiency of the product is only guaranteed by following all the steps indicated in the mode of use, skipping a step or using amounts of product other than those indicated, will cause you to obtain unwanted results. For this reason, we always recommend that a professional apply it.

What price is recommended for VTR?

Depending on the length of the hair, the prices range between € 150 / € 200.

How long does it take to do a treatment?

Between 1:30/3:00 hours.

What type of iron should I use?

The iron to be used should be made of titanium, not ceramic.

Doesn't the iron pass me, it jams me?

In case you have this problem, it is always due to this cause: excess product, in 99% of cases you should never use more than 40g + 1 tablespoon Bakuchiol. If you apply more, you will note that the iron does not pass, smoke comes out when drying, the hair is dirty. By following the correct steps in the rinsing phase, the remains of the product that the treatment does not need to be effective are eliminated.

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