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Línea (Re)Styling

(Re) Styling by Remember Ecosostenible is the first haircare range in the world of hairdressing designed with a (Re) Fill system. As a brand of eco-sustainable hairdressing products, we are fully committed to our planet. Thus, we have gone one step further by focusing on the re-use of packaging (refill) so as not to generate more waste. For our products, we use reusable glass packaging that allow us to eliminate the use of plastics as much as possible. In this way, we take care of the environment and people while raising awareness of the need to be respectful to our planet.

(Re) Styling by Remember Ecosostenible is a hairdressing products range whose main characteristic is versatility. Our goal is to offer hairdressers and beauty salons a well-defined range that does not saturate the space with different products which use is redundant. (Re) Styling consists of only two products, (Re)Style Moisture Cream and (Re)Style Sea Texture Spray that open a wide range of possibilities for hairdressers and stylists. In addition, our technical team conducts training so that professionals can get the most out of Remember products. A good example of the versatility of the (Re) Styling range is our “The Origins Collection”, by Remember Ecosostenible, in which we have used these products on different types of hair to make a wide variety of styles and textures.

(Re)Style Moisture Cream

Versatile multi-purpose moisturizer cream that straightens or curls frizzy, thick and dehydrated hair. Eliminates frizz and adds shine and natural movement without any (re) sidue effect. Contains flax seed extract that nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy growth.

(Re)Style Sea Texture Spray

Versatile multitask styling and finishing spray that adds force, volume and texture to straight and curly hair. Accelerates drying time and can be used both wet and dry. The strength of the product is (re) gulated according to the amount used. In addition, it also contains coconut extract to increase shine and softness.

Purify Station

Remember Ecosostenible Purify Station is the first 100% eco-sustainable and customizable health and beauty system in the hairdressing world. At Remember Ecosostenible we dream of a better, more eco-sustainable world. We don't like plastic! For this reason, we have opted for the use of glass packaging.


  • It is a professional system exclusively.
  • It is customizable for every customer.
  • It does not contain any parabens, silicones, SLS...
  • It does have a fair price and an optimal profit margin for the professionals.
  • It creates a new space at the salon and gives a new meaning for your professional activity.

Shampoo free of parabens, silicones and SLS. It provides A, B, C vitamins and elasticity, it is fall protection and repairs split ends. There are two versions: The Dimension, for fine hair and the Relaxing for thick hair.

Organic essential oils. We offer lavender oil, with a relaxing effect; Lemongrass products provide a freshness effect and mint oil provides hydration.

Rose petal powder. Provides astringent qualities and E vitamin to moisturize the hair.

Mask. Provides moisturising, to combine with hair treated by henna.

How to make optimal use of the Purify Station?

1. We can suggest the Reset massage to the client, lasting 15 minutes, for 15€. Also, we can give away the shampoo the first time. Ask your Remember consultant for this topic!

2. According to the client’s needs, we personalize the shampoo by applying the Reset massage.

3. If the client asks us for the shampoo bottle, we customize it in the same way as before.

4. On the next visit, if the client brings the glass bottle, we will also fill it. This means a saving of 28% for the packaging that we do not consume!

5. Your profit margin is maintained whether they bring you the bottle or not. In both cases, it is higher than in products that are not eco-sustainable or reusable.


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