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Ski & Education & Party Curly by Remember

February 6-7th

Learn about the secrets of cut and colour on curly hair! by Coco from Salón Toro

October education meetings

In Banyoles, Bilbao Madrid & Sevilla

Some Remember education meetings which took place in different cities


Cut & Color - “Weekend Education” event.

Cut & Color courses and the long-awaited “Weekend Education” event.

Miracle Cool REflects

Have you ever dreamed about transforming warm colours to cold ones?

Have you ever dreamed about transforming warm colours to cold ones? It is already possible! The new Remember Ecosostenible product for this 2020 is the revolutionary Miracle Cool Reflects.

Vegan Rassouhl Clay

Lanzamiento para este mayo

En nuestra línea de productos ecosostenibles para el cabello, muy pronto se añadirá uno nuevo que te dejará sin palabras: Vegan Rassouhl Clay.

Why natural coloration?

Henna benefits for the people and for the environment

The vegetal, natural, organic, ecosustanaible coloration is one of our best products. And it has a lot of advantages compared to chemical tinctures! We will see some here:

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